Coming Soon

Here are some of the great things coming soon to The King’s Chapel.

2021 Alpha Course

This year we are running an Alpha Course Programme on the church grounds.
This Course focusses on the essentials of the Christian faith, as it opens the door for Alpha to be used in almost any context so that everyone has the opportunity to see their friends’ lives transformed by the gospel.
It will be starting in February and is part of the church vision to reach the lost.

For more information of the Alpha Course, please contact the church office.

College Sunday


A significant aspect of The King’s Chapel vision is to establish Christian education under the apostolic-prophetic calling for this house. One of our ministries is The King’s College, here on the Church grounds.

Both the Church and College communities are vibrant communities of believers with a heart to see those we are entrusted with transformed by the power of God, enriched and flourishing in their faith and prospering in life.

As part of the connection between the Church and the College we will be holding a College Sunday to bring together the church body and College staff. This will be a time of impartation of the vision from the house for this important ministry.

It will be a fantastic time, so don’t miss out on what God is doing here.

For more information on College Sunday, please contact the church office.



Volunteer Sunday

Volunteers are such a vital part of our Church. Coming soon The King’s Chapel will be holding a service dedicated to all the volunteers in the house. This is an amazing opportunity to get involved in the life of our Church.

Serving is a great opportunity for fellowship and building memories together, so be encouraged to volunteer.

For more information of the Voluteer Sunday, please contact the church office.

Easter Sunday

On Sunday the 4 April the church will be holding our Easter Service.

This will be an fantastic time for our church to learn about the resurrection power of Christ and honour God during the significant season.

Please do not miss out of this amazing Sunday service.

For more information on Easter Sunday, please contact the church office.